Minimalist Wall Mounted Wine Rack

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18 Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Wall mounted wine rack will be the interesting part you should think for better wine rack design, it will be very good to minimize space usage. Nothing accentuates a room and adds style as an attractive wall mounted wine rack. And nothing says “u” as when a wine rack is dropped because it was not properly mounted. Ensuring wall mounted wine rack is not difficult, but does require follow some basic steps to ensure that the wine is kept displayed on a wall and not end up crashing to the ground. Instructions

  1. Measure the distance between the two mounting holes on the wine rack. If the measurement is 40.64 cm or if the shelf is to be mounted on a wooden wall, you should be able to install it without using wall anchors.
  2. Identify the space where you want to hang wall mounted wine rack. If rack mounting holes are spaced 40.64 cm away, this will be very helpful. Measure the exact distance between the mounting holes on the rack of wine and make a second mark for the other mounting hole. Use a level to establish the precise placement of the second mark.
  3. Directs the mounting screws on wooden walls, drill a hole that is slightly smaller than the screws used to hang the shelf. Then install the screws or hooks.
  4. Hanging wine rack screws or hooks.
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