Stuffed Animal Storage Zoo Do It Yourself

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Top Stuffed Animal Storage Zoo

Stuffed animal storage zoo – The first find an empty corner in your child’s play area, or rearrange the room something to open a corner for a hammock DIY toy. Measure 40 inches to 50 inches off the ground in the corner. At this point, the child can easily recover and return their toys. Make a mark here in the corner. Extend the tape measure 4 feet long. Hold 4 feet long way off the sharp corner that each end of the length of the walls and the corner mark is exactly in the middle. Make marks on each end of the tape measure touches the walls. Second tips to make a stuffed animal storage zoo is cut the fabric to 4 1/2 feet by 2 feet. Place the cloth against the corner that has set the long edge of the fabric facing you. Fold the pieces of excess side to make a triangle shape loose fits exactly to the corner and then cut to extra fabric.

Third drill pilot holes at the marks made. Use a drill bit slightly smaller screw that ends your hook. Screw the hooks into the holes you drilled. Fourth cut a small hole in each corner of the triangular piece of fabric. Around each hole with a circle of fabric glue to reinforce it. Allow the glue to dry completely and then loop through each hole corresponding hook on the wall. Last heap fill stuffed animals storage zoo your child in your hammock DIY toy.

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