Simple Way To Recover A Bergere Chair

Bergere Chair

When you want to recover your Bergere chairs, it will be easy and simple to do step by step, and it works best as well to make it better in look. Bergere chairs have uncovered wooden edges with a cushioned, upholstered back and chair.


1. Pick the new upholstery fabric you need to use to recoup the chair. Fabrics with a high string check will wear best about whether. Press this fabric to uproot any wrinkles or folds.

2. Expel the old fabric pieces from the chair utilizing pincers. Do this gradually and tenderly to stop any tears or tears framing in the old upholstery fabric pieces.

3. Smooth out the new upholstery fabric on your work surface. The right half of the fabric ought to be confronting down. Draw around every old fabric piece with tailor’s chalk.

4. Lift the old upholstery pieces off the new one drawn on the fabric. Cut around the chalk diagram of each one piece bergere chair.

5. Put each of the new fabric pieces set up on the chair. The right half of the fabric ought to be confronting up. Pull the fabric tight over the chair’s cushioning. Staple the fabric onto the cushioned zones of the chair.

6. Paste your picked trim around the edges of each one recuperated piece of the chair. The trim ought to cover the staples.

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7. Leave the paste to dry before utilizing the recuperated bergere chair.