12 Recommended 30 Inch Bathroom Vanity

30 Inch Bathroom Vanity

30 inch bathroom vanity will be the innovative option for your bathroom design as a standard vanity bathroom size will be very good in look and space usage. Making beautiful and comfortable seems to remain a prime target for us. Furniture that can accommodate all of our interests is one of the means to make the perfect home. One of them complements the home with 30 inch bathroom vanity. Any form of 30 inch bathroom vanity can be a recommendation for you?

Traditional 30 inch bathroom vanity :

A traditional 30 inch bathroom vanity with modern accents and relaxed and romantic style is likely to attract attention. White ceramic sink and storage boxes underneath made with two doors. In it made multilevel racks for easy storage.

For those of you who love marble, you can replace the porcelain sink with marble sink. Safe deposit box you can make a drawer or multilevel shaped like a cupboard door. Attach the handle that matches the theme that suits your vanity. Satin nickel as a coating will improve the quality of your bathroom vanity. One touch draining besides facilitate drying will also feature a modern effect. Replace the glass with an appropriate frame.

For the proportional 30 inch bathroom vanity results, you can use the following calculation: Vanity Dimensions: Width: 30.00″ Height: 35.00″ Depth: 22.00″ Mirror Dimensions: Width: 26.00″ Height: 30.00″ .

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