Best Used Parsons Desk For A Home Office

Luxury Parsons Desk

Parsons desk will be very good to add into your living room or dining room to style modern contemporary feeling in those important rooms. To mount a workstation at home, some parts are key to leave the functional, useful and practical environment is not it? A desk, desk. Should be wide, large enough to accommodate the computer and support for the arms room. When I discovered the Parsons desk, the blog Living Gazette, it was love at first sight!!

Parsons desk has a modern, simple, clean, and while charming design! A table created in the 30s that remains as current, as modern as if it had been done recently for some modernist designer. Oh, and increasingly, it is an object of desire for those who love decorating. The Parsons desk is somewhat contradictory: the simple is very, very chic and cool and beautiful.

The main feature of this design is the iconic model the thickness of the legs of the cover being the same. The name comes from the French school Parsons Paris School of Art and Design, where the table was created by French Professor Jean-Michel Frank. The students helped in the design and it was initially called T-square table. There are several versions of it (lacquer, wood, metal, and mirror) and uses: as desks, dining, dressing table, side some ideas for inspiration!

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