Paint Distressed Wood Match To Distressed Coffee Table

Island Distressed Coffee Table

Distressed coffee table looks good and stylish for best coffee table design made of best material, to enhance more old-fashioned room decor. Distressed furniture is ideal for rooms enriched with insect business sector discovers and obsolescent fortunes, yet the fortunate thing about this procedure is you don’t need to purchase old to get an enchanting patina.


Delicately sand the table to make an uneven surface that will retain more paint in a few regions.

On the underside of the table, try different things with diverse shades of paint and thicknesses of paint application to focus the look you like best.

Utilizing the darker shade of paint distressed coffee table, apply the first cover of paint to the table. Spread the paint thin enough to permit breaks to show through. Permit paint to dry for 24 hours.

Place a little measure of the lighter shade of paint in a holder. Blend in water, 1 teaspoon at once, until paint is slight like a wash, however doesn’t bubble when you apply it to the table.

Apply the wash to the table utilizing a froth brush. While it is still wet, wipe a few regions of the surface with paper towels to accomplish an antiqued look. Permit the paint to dry for 24 hours.

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For a considerably more antiqued look distressed coffee table, softly sand the edges and corners of the table with fine-coarseness sandpaper.