Simple Way To Move Base Cabinets Indoors

Ideas For Base Cabinets

Maintaining your kitchen is very important to do and for your cabinet you should consider to have base cabinets which can be made by yourself with these instruction. To make the structure of the base cabinets employ a come plywood boards, in our case, shall be 10 mm thick. Paint the wood color you like best or best suits the decor of the room and put some wheels on the bottom of each module they can be easily moved. We will end our work by placing some shooters and some shelves inside the furniture.

  1. We cut all the pieces of ocume with circular saw.
  2. We subjected the parts to the table and make jaws blind holes
  3. We then apply glue into the holes and the edges of the other pieces together and assemble the base cabinets. Now, we can give color to the furniture.
  4. When the product has dried, sanded the entire surface with fine grit sandpaper and removed the dust.
  5. With the completely dry enamel, perform blind holes to accommodate the supports for the shelves inside the base cabinets.
  6. Insert the media into the holes hammered and put the wheels on the base of the unit and fix them with a few screws.
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We will finish our work on putting brackets, shelves that we painted the same color as the furniture.