12 Mirrored Side Table Cheap Ideas

Romano Mirrored Side Table

Mirrored side table in your bedroom will work well to give larger look with its mirror and nicer effect to the room itself with its fascinating style. Becomes outdated rickety tables or decorative accents to your home with special mirror tiles and glue. Whether you get a table auxiliary low cost in a garage sale or recycles of your living room, this home project completely transformed the look of a wood or metal table. Any table design work for this project; make a cover mirrors and paints the legs of a table or structure Open adds mirrors on all four sides and the top of a table bucket.

Mirrored side table sand the wood or metal table with fine sandpaper grade to remove the top layer of the existing finish. Clean the table with a damp cloth to remove sanding residue. Clean the table with a metal or wood cleaner. Allow to dry. The mirrors putty adheres better to a clean surface.

Mirrored side table, dry test mirror tiles to the surface of the table. Work from the center of the table sideways. The mirror tiles are typically 12 square inches (30.48 cm), but you can also use small mosaic tiles mirror 2 inches (5 cm) or less to the table side. Square mirror tiles 12 inches (30.48 cm) are available in stores for home improvements in a variety of design styles. The designs include antique, beveled or flat.

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