12 Minimalist Dorm Room Design Alternative

Best Minimalist Dorm Room

Minimalist dorm room  – Some basic recommendations are:  Choose a single bed, either wood, iron, bronze; no matter the material, what matters is that you have very simple lines. Second dressing the bed simply omitting lots of pillows or cushions. Third The bedside tables be simple, if lamps on them, with no lines processed, should preferably be used cubic or cylindrical. Then should not carry bulky fabric curtains on the windows. Simply opt for a system of rods, whether of plastic, wood or other material. Do not abuse the use of carpet, it is important that the floor looks unhindered. Then avoid clutter, do not leave clothes lying or accumulated. The walls minimalist dorm room also should see clear.

In the minimalist touches of color are required, some distinctive touches also elements: a cushion it stand, a striped textile design in bright colors or interesting luminaire color. Any special design can be not too baroque element that focuses the attention, a fundamental issue in minimalism. We must not forget that there is interest in minimalism. No reprimands, no entertainment, it’s not a boring style for minimalist dorm room. An important question to consider: no vases, no gilding, no decorations Baroque and Renaissance tastes, nothing to break the rational climate.

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