Easy Way Making A Shaker Cabinet Doors

Ideas Shaker Cabinet Doors

There are different styles and designs of cabinet door you can consider well, one of good option to take into account is having shaker cabinet doors that will be good and decorative. The shaker cabinet doors have a thick wooden frame around smaller thinner boards, arranged side by side. Two or larger panels thinner boards are a standard shaker door. These thinner boards are held within the framework of the tables in the same slots and tables are secured with pins for a product without metal end. A table saw and a drill, along with the expertise to use them safely, are required to complete of project shaker cabinet doors.


1. 1 passes two tables for 5 3/8 80 inches (12.70 by 3.49 by 203.20 cm) and three 1 3/8 by 5 per 24 inches (12.70 by 3.49 by 60, 96 cm) using a table saw to cut a groove of 1/4 inch (0.64 cm) along one of the long edges, thin to each of the tables and stores the last inch of the long unscarred tables at each end.

2. Place the two longer and two shorter in frame with grooved edges facing inward tables. Slide the final short board in place within the frame, leaving a clearance of 36 inches (91.44 cm) above it and a space of 29 inches (73.66 cm) below it.

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3. Two mating holes drilled in the tables frame at each location where contact each other so that the two holes fit in each line of the table snugly together.

4. Place a knob on the side of shaker cabinet doors, along one of the long tables on halfway. Drill a hole for the knob and slide the bolt inside the door.White shaker cabinet doors for sale,

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