Easy Way To Make A Leather Desk Pad

Leather Desk Pad Orange Color

Leather desk pad will be the nice thing you should have for your best leather chair, and it will be very interesting to make it by yourself to cut some costs.


Measure the space around your desk to focus the wanted size for a leather desk pad. Cut a board of heavyweight workmanship board to the size you’ve picked for your desk.

Cut one vast board of leather desk pad 2 inches longer and 2 inches more extensive than the estimation for your desk blotting surface. Slice more modest bits of leather to cover the two side boards, permitting 2 additional inches of length and width.

Apply stick along the edges of the cowhide and press the leather immovably to the posterior of the craftsmanship board. Wrap and paste the more diminutive leather strips to one long side of each of the littler side boards to make the inward edge of the side boards.

Set up one of the side boards, lining the unfinished edges up with the side of the desk blotting surface. Wrap the unfinished sides of the cowhide on the top, base and external side edges around to the again of the principle desk blotting surface.

Slice self glue felt to fit the once again of your leather desk pad. Evacuate the sponsorship and press into spot, covering the stuck edge of the cowhide.

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