Ideas For Free Standing Closet

Oak Free Standing Closet

For your bedroom, you can consider to have good free standing closet, coming with various designs and colors, to help organizing many things to maintain it well. Organizers of free standing closet can be found as complete systems for closets or small removable drives to store a wide range of accessories. Designer’s closets installed custom systems for each dressing to keep all your clothes and accessories as appropriate for your lifestyle. Install your own simple set of wood system will help you save money and make changes in your wardrobe for your time free.

Wooden racks for pants

This pants rack is an excellent choice to organize the clothes in the free standing closet or near the dressing area. With 12-slip padded bar, keep your pants can be sorted, organized and off the floor of the closet. A lower shelf can be used to hold belts and accessories, while the side of this shelf can store four pairs of shoes.

System for organizing closets

The organizing system made ​​by Solid free standing closet includes complete and modular panels that can be customized for maximum utilization of space in most spaces. The system can enter a closet space up to 10 feet (3 m) wide but can be extended with an additional tower or optional upper racks, and can also be reduced in size by cutting one of the top shelve.

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