Ideas For Corner Armoire Shelves

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TV Corner Armoire

Corner armoire works best in your small room, to be included and put in the corner of your room as good decorative storage solution. Add more shelves to an armoire space make it possible to categorize clothes and items stored by type and use. Since the contents of an armoire often behind closed doors, it’s a great place to store things that leave a decorative mark or space is not currently being used. Knowing where to place the shelves and their corresponding functions will transform a simple corner armoire into an efficient storage.

1. Vertical shelves

Some cabinets have spaces in underutilized sides and corner armoire that can be converted into a space for shelves vertical. These shelves can accommodate folded tops, pants and skirts, and more sweaters, jackets and shoes that could not be accommodated in the other shelves.

2. Cabinet doors

If the armoire door opens outwards instead of sliding to the side, this is more to maximize space corner armoire. Installs a shelf modular thin at the door does not obstruct the action of opening and closing, you’ll have easy access space to store more shoes, bags and accessories.

3. Systems organizing closets

An alternative to shelves custom cabinet is installing an armoire organizer system. The organizers have several pieces for hanging clothes, shelves and removable drawers. Some systems have parts to hang clothes in the base of each shelf.

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