How To Value A High Windsor Chair

The Windsor Chair

For perfect outdoor living design, you can consider well to have very nice and decorative Windsor chair, it looks very good and nice with its traditional but artistic touch. Value a high back Windsor chair is a matter of comparing a particular chair with similar manufactured in the same time, taking into account the condition of the unit and determining what would be its price at auction.


  1. Determines the type of wood that is made the chair. Between the woods usually used in these chairs are pine, cherry and walnut. Often, Windsor chairs were painted to hide that they were made with cheap materials, so it can be difficult to determine the type of wood.
  2. The original Windsor chair high back of the seventeenth century will have a much greater than the copies, reprints or reproductions value. If the chair is waxed or has a clear finish, probably will not be the seventeenth century.
  3. Looking distinguishing marks or signatures. Genuine Windsor chair was manufactured mainly in New England.
  4. Take into account any other physical characteristic of the chair; including its size and weight Do you have flat bars as arrow or zones? Is the high back curved? These factors help determine the value of the chair.
  5. Taking into account the conditions and rarity of the chair. The better its condition, the higher its price. Some classes Windsor high back chairs, as desktop versions, reach higher prices because they are rarer.
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