How To Painted Dressers With White

Painted Dressers With White

Consider to have best Painted dressers, they will be very nice and attractive in decor to give particular accent into your room. Painted dressers are an economical way to give new life and renew your bedroom decor. The work can vary depending on conditions dresser to paint, its original color, material and condition. If your furniture is already painted a light color, you can apply one or two coats of white paint on it.



  1. Put cloths or old newspapers on the floor and placed them on the dresser.
  2. Apply paint remover following manufacturer’s instructions, and remember it is convenient to work with small areas rather than covering the entire cabinet at the same time.
  3. Clean the surface to remove debris remover. You can do it with water or a specific chemical cleaner paint remover.
  4. With sandpaper, remove any small imperfection that is in the wood, or paint chips.

Painted dressers

  1. Removes dust from sanding the cabinet surface and let dry thoroughly.
  2. Apply the primer to give a basis for the white paint. The amount of layers you apply will depend on the conditions of your dresser. Let dry completely between before recoating.
  3. To obtain a good finish using foam brush and paints the entire cabinet with white painted dressers. If necessary, apply a second coat when the first is completely dry.
  4. Replace the metal parts that you had removed.
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