How To Make Your Own Collection Bistro Chairs

Square Bistro Chairs

Bistro chairs will be the interesting design that will be good in look to add into your room design also with its very good color option. The bistro sets are arrangements of a small table and bistro chairs in which only two people sit. They are from France and his style is classic, traditional designs to more elaborate, or more sophisticated look. Bistro tables are small but tempting and can give class and a chic look to your patio. It will be easier to use a bistro kit to build your game, but you can save a lot of money and add a personal touch if you build it entirely yourself.

Instructions make your own collection bistro chairs

1. Decide the pattern and style you want reflected in your bistro chairs.

2. Use the chair dimensions to measure eight metal strips for legs. Each strip of metal heated individually on your heat source and using tweezers for bending the strips until you have the right height for both chairs. Measures four other strips of metal to the size you choose for your table and use your heat source to the four legs.

3. Creates make the base of the bistro chairs a strip connected to the top of two legs and a strip on a base side using nails.

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4. Create a seat using four additional strips of metal welded. Use a metal file to smooth the strips and leave them soft.