Instructions To Make Moroccan Sofa

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Best Moroccan Sofa

Moroccan sofa – Turn your living room, bedroom or other room in an “Orient Express”, creating a sofa Moroccan ground. This kind of sofa usually creeping to the ground and does not have the back. Rich earth tones or precious stones, fabrics and geometric patterns are dominant in the Moroccan style, which also includes lots of pillows. Complement the environment with other decorative pieces inspired by Morocco for environmental projects, such as wrought iron and tables, Moroccan lanterns and candles, paintings and carved furniture with a mother of pearl and brass details.

Instructions to make Moroccan sofa:

place a mattress box, unit or conjugate, and a common mattress against the wall selected in your living room or another setting. The wall will act as the back of the sofa.

Cover the mattress with a thin fabric

Look silk sheets in shades of precious stones or satin fabrics in shades violet, ruby, gold, royal blue, emerald or vivid pink. Try to cover parts of the mattress with other fabrics in the same color palette, to create a diverse pattern; fasten the ends of the tissues beneath the mattress to fix them or sew them on the mattress from the bottom if you prefer.

Add a variety of large pillows. Use the larger cushions against the wall to create a backrest; spread them out across the Moroccan sofa and throughout the environment.

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