How To Make Cardboard Desk Organizers

Desk Organizers Picture

Desk organizers will be helpful very much to be used as the good area for writing and making something, and with additional organizer it will be helpful. Desk organizers create a productive workspace. Therefore it is no surprise that the work slows down when the clips, pens and reminders are scattered throughout the work surface. However, you need not blow your budget on desk organizers. Combining materials recycled cardboard with a few supplies and a little ingenuity to the old.

Steps Desk organizers :

  1. Cut a flat, rigid piece of cardboard to be the basis of the organizer. Determine the size and shape of the base depending on the amount of space available to place on the desk organizers and how much you want to fit in it.
  2. Cut a roll of paper towels vacuum 15 cm long and two pieces three inches long. Remove the top of a tissue box empty cutting around the top with scissors.
  3. Decorate each piece organizer before proceeding with assembly. Wrap the pieces of cardboard rolls and a tissue box with colored construction paper.
  4. Place the cardboard dividers separated enough to fit objects like staplers. Ensures spare cardboard rolls into place a line of hot glue around the perimeter of the roll and holding it in place until it dries.
  5. Let the adhesive sit for an hour before filling the organizer with office objects.
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