How To Make Beadboard Kitchen Cabinets

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Beadboard kitchen cabinets add a historical touch to the room as focal point that classy. Beadboard cabinets increase the interest in your kitchen. You can make one of the cabinets by your own. There are things to put in mind when it comes to designing and decorating the cabinets. Things that you will need like measuring tape, pencil, beadboard, table or circular saw, polyurethane gule, nail gun, finish nails, hammer, nail set, wood putty, putty knife and fine grit sandpaper. Here are the instructions to make beadboard cabinets for the kitchen.

First of all, measure the kitchen cabinet side by using a measuring tape so that able to get the accurate measurement. The measuring tape can be opened to measure from the cabinet face frame to the kitchen wall. The most kitchen cabinets’ face frames have approximately overlapping edge in ¼ inch, this allows the cabinet’s unfinished edge beadboard covered once it is installed. The beadboard panel can be marked with a pencil. Check and recheck to make sure the exact measurements for each beadboard piece that you install. Use circular saw cut the beadboard along the marked measurements.

Spread a small polyurethane glue amount on the beadboard cutout back. Then the panel is pressed into place and then nail to the cabinet. You can use either a small finish nails, nail gun or a hammer, and a nail set. Fill the nail holes on the cabinet side with wood putty. You can simply use your finger or a putty knife to get wood putty with a smooth surface. Sand the putty lightly by using a fine grit sandpaper once it has dried. Paint or stain is applied into the beadboard so that able to match your kitchen cabinets.

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