How To Make A Treasure Chest Toy Box

Original Treasure Chest Toy Box

treasure chest toy box is a good idea for any area including living room and outdoor living space, and you can make it by yourself easily. It is entirely possible to build a successful treasure chest toy box, and this can be done in a very short time. Everything you need to build your own toy box is a hammer and nails, some wooden boards, sandpaper, wood stain and the sponge brush.

Instructions build treasure chest toy box

  1. Riveting the parts together. Want two long pieces of wood are aligned to be the sides of the box, and that the two ends are short pieces. Rivets flat edge side to the inside of a part of the ends.
  2. You want to sand the wood so that all edges and surfaces are smooth and free of splinters. Start using
  3. sandpaper course and rub all areas of the treasure chest toy box. Be sure to rub sandpaper on the inside too, where the hands of a child could find a toy.
  4. Wood glue applied. Wood glue injected along the edges together by nails and on the nails in order to cover them. Clean any excess glue to soften and press it into the cracks.
  5. Sponge brush; apply the wood stain in even strokes until the entire surface is dyed. You can even dye the inside of the treasure chest toy box if you want. Continue to apply the dye until you have achieved the color you want.
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