How To Make A Hand Painted Burlap Table Runner

Simple Burlap Table Runner Ideas

Burlap table runner can you do yourself, it will be easy but you also need good plan to start it and here are some ideas of it. Rustic burlap table runner is given new life as a complex occasion table runner with the expansion of creased trim and hand-painted subtle elements.

Measure and Cut Fabric

Measure then cut burlap .The extra 20 inches of length takes into account a 10-inch overhang on both table closures.

Sew and Press Runner

Stick set up. Sew sides of runner together, leaving closures open.

Overlap and Press Ends

Fold closures of runner under and press shut. Verify burlap and twill line up. Rehash on flip side burlap table runner.

Sew Pleated Trim

Slice creased trim to correct width of runner. Sew trim into position by sewing a line right on fold of burlap, then join a second line 1/4 inch in.

Paint Stripes

Utilizing painter’s tape, cover off two stripes more or less 1/4 inch wide. Brush on white acrylic paint with a size 6 craftsman level brush, utilizing a dry-brush method to keep paint from draining under tape.

Paint Lettering

Lettering can be painted freehand or with the help of a stencil. On the off chance that utilizing a stencil, tape it into wanted position and daintily paint lettering with 1.0 liner brush . Uproot stencil and paint over lettering a second time to fortify the lettering. Rehash on opposite side of burlap table runner, if craved.

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