Best Way To Install A French Cleat

French Cleat

You should think carefully to have best French cleat which will be easy to make by yourself in your free time, and here are the ideas about them. A French cleat is made by tearing a solitary bit of timber – regularly a 2-inch-by-2-inch board or a plywood strip – into equal parts at a 45-degree point. This makes two parts of the fitting, which join together to make a solid hold.


1. Position the top 50% of the French fitting on the once again of the article you need to hang, with the more drawn out side of the cleat tooth confronting out.

2. Secure the top a large portion of the fitting to the hanging protest by either screwing it on from the highest point of the item into the french cleat.

3. Mark a level line on the divider at the stature you need to hang the article and imprint the divider stud focuses at stake in the wake of placing them with a stud discoverer.

4. Position the lower 50% of the French cleat against the divider line with the more extended tooth of the fitting confronting out. This makes a break where the tooth of the top 50% of the cleat can snare over the lower half, structuring a tight bond.

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5. Secure the lower 50% of the cleat to the divider with two drywall screws through the fitting into each one divider stud point french cleat.