How To Include An Antique Armoire In The Decoration Of A Room

Antique Armoire French

Be the smart home designer for your own home also by selecting the best wooden furniture for it including having good antique armoire. The way you decorate a room include an antique armoire says a lot about your personal style and help you to demonstrate your skills. Sometimes the hardest part is finding an inspiration. If you already have a closet old, add some parts to emphasize the charm of it are essential. Give your wardrobe the star treatment by adding a decoration that makes it the highlight of your room.


1. Find a suitable location for the antique armoire thinking about the purpose of the room. The cabinet should be placed in a visible wall to become the focal point of the room. For an even more prominent, you can paint the wall with a contrasting color and add her art works that match the decor overall.

2. Choose other furniture considering the size of the cabinet. If you put other bulky furniture in the room, your space will be loaded and crowded, so keep a proportion in mind when decorating your room.

3. Place a rug in front of the antique armoire to define the space available and to highlight the beauty of the piece. Choose a rug that accents the style of the mobile; not clear.

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4. Surround the cabinet consistent with accessories. For example, put some family photos in frames that match the material of the handles mobile.