How To Do Glazing Kitchen Cabinets

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Glazing Kitchen Cabinets DIY

Do you want to have a classic look kitchen? Glazing kitchen cabinets have the antique and old appearance with easy to do. There are materials that you need to do this task. They are some brushes, paint, colorants or stain, water based or oil glaze, some lint-free rags and paint thinner. What to do in the project to glaze the cabinets made of wood? Here is the step by step as instructions.

You can have light colored wood stained cabinets to be darkened by making oil-based glaze use.

Then combine the oil stain to glaze in your chosen color. Make some different mixes and apply them first to the inside of on wood or the scrap cabinet doors. This allows you to find out what mix will suit well your taste. Simultaneously the method of applying and wipe with the natural wood grain. Remove all of the cabinet hardware like pulls and knobs. The drawers should also be taken out since you can easily glaze them. Apply the glaze in adequate amounts with the natural bristle brush usage. Then, wipe the glaze off efficiently by using the lint-free rags until you achieve the desired look. Make sure that you focus on one section at a time.

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There are things to remember like you should go for paints, stains, and other dyes that darker than your current kitchen cabinets color. Distinct from the substances of oil based glaze, the acrylic glaze is creamy and will go clear when dry completely. Keep this in your mind that the colorants will go darker while drying out.

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