How To Build An Espresso Bookcase With Wall Units

Amazing Espresso Bookcase

Espresso bookcase – Wall mount units directly on top of another wall is an effective way to form a secure bookcase. The benefits of this type of shelving include being able to clean under the bookcase effectively, greater design flexibility and the security of knowing the bookcase cannot dump in children or adults who throw forward. This style library is also good for households at risk of earthquakes or hurricanes, such as fixed espresso bookcase will remain in place as long as the wall does.

Build to espresso bookcase, Note the locations of all the posts on the section of the wall to which the units are installed. Mark each side of the studs to give an accurate impression of the total area to which you can install shelves. Remove the shelves built from the first wall unit and set aside. Mark eight locations within the unit that align with stud marks. Stagger marks so as to provide support for the entire unit, using the lines above and below the stud unit as a guide.

Adjust the unit on the work surface and drill holes through each of the brands, keeping the diameter no greater than the diameter of the wood screws holes. Hold the unit against the wall to espresso bookcase and align it exactly as it was before. Have an assistant hold in place and drill through the holes and behind the wall.  Slide the wood screws 3 inches through a washing machine and pass through the holes and into the wall. Establish additional units on top of the first, installing them in the same way.

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