How To Build A Teak Shower Bench

Luxury Teak Shower Bench

For your shower area, you can consider well to have good bench as well, and teak shower bench will be the perfect option that gives goodness and good decor. Building a teak shower bench will be more extravagant than building a comparable bench out of cedar; be that as it may, it will cost significantly less to construct your own particular than it would to purchase one.


Lay two 16-inch sheets anxious, parallel and 9 inches separated. Place the 9-inch sheets between them so they are perpendicular to the 16-inch teak sheets, and 14 inches separated. Screw through the 16-inch sheets and into the finishes of the 9-inch teak sheets. This is the casing to your teak shower bench.

Lay the casing level and position the 15-inch teak sheets perpendicular to within corners of the edge. Screw through the corners of the edge utilizing four screws for each one corner to secure the 15-inch sheets.

Position the bench upright and screw the 11-inch sheets to the highest point of the casing. They ought to be parallel with the 11-inch sides of the edge. The closures ought to be flush with the 16-inch side of the edge. The two outside sheets ought to be flush with the 11-inch sides of the edge.

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Sand down the bench with medium and afterward fine review sandpaper to forestall chips. Wipe the teak shower bench with a soggy material before utilization.