How To Build A Shelf For Closet Shoe Organizer

Closet Shoe Organizer Design

Closet shoe organize will be the important part you should consider well to help you organizing and keeping your shoes neatly there. Instead of stacking the shoes on the floor of your closet or boxes stacked precariously these, you can build a shelf for shoes to simplify storage. Closet shoe organize neatly and improves the look of your closet.


  1. Take the measurement of the width of the back wall of your closet shoe organizer, or the width of a side wall if the closet is more than 2 feet (60 cm) deep.
  2. Cut two tables of 3 feet (91 cm) long to act as the sides of the shelf.
  3. Cut three wooden boards as they decide to take the width of the shelf, at least 2 inches (5.10 cm). These tables will serve as shelves.
  4. Place the two tables to determine the height of the shelf on a flat surface so that they are in parallel, one beside the other, on its side of 1 inch (2.55 cm).
  5. Place a second shelf from the side boards and place it at a distance of 11 inches (28 cm) below the top shelf. Inserting screws to secure the table in the same way as above. Place each table at a distance of 11 inches (28 cm).
  6. Place the shelf in the closet shoe organizer and each shelf filled with pairs of shoes, one beside the other, or leave the shoes in the boxes and place them on the shelves.
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