Facts Heated Towel Rack You Should Know

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Heated Towel Rack Space

Heated towel rack will be very good you should have that will be very helpful to organize your towel and other which will be interesting as well when using. There’s much comfort to become based in the warmth of the heated towel rack next to the skin after a shower or bath and towel warmers are the products that can provide that luxury.


The towel warmers were called “bathroom radiators” in the 1920s and were made ​​of cast iron and warmed with water. The use of articles declined significantly during the Great Depression.


The warm towel to dry is a use of towel warmers. Another is to heated towel rack after washing or when indoor humidity prevents complete drying after using the towel so that it is ready for your next shower.


There are two types of towel warmers. Electric heaters can be connected and used near an electrical outlet to turn on the heating element. Hydroid heaters should be installed by a plumber and connect directly to the water heating system warm your home.

Business Use

Wrapped in a towel hot is an additional advantage for clients of massage therapists, hotels luxury resorts and other facilities with saunas, hot tubs or spas. These companies make regular use of towel warmers as an added comfort for its customers.

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We invite you to look at our 12 heated towel rack in the photo gallery. Bound to find many ideas to adapt to yours.

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