Easy Way To DIY Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

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Good Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchen cabinet refinishing can be done by DIY ideas application. It is an easy and cheap way to makeover a kitchen with new and fresh atmosphere. Kitchen cabinets that refinished can give an update your kitchen without the costly price or any challenge of a major remodeling. How to update your old cabinets with brand new stain and paint, there are easy and simple just on budget ideas. Refinishing the old wooden kitchen cabinets can make you able to save the headache of messy remodeling. Once the paint finish has completely dried by you, then it is the time to attach drawer pulls then screw the hinges onto the doors. And hang the doors on the cabinetry box based on the map you made. Slide each drawer back in as the final touch.

I will give you the easy steps in how to refinish old cabinets with stain and paint to become fresh and attractively beautiful at high values. Before starting to refinish your cabinets, prepare everything well. Choose a primer, buy the right kitchen cabinet refinishing, remove doors, drawers, and shelves, prep the surface, degloss the old finish, do a test run, prime the cabinetry, refinishing cabinetry, refinishing cabinet drawers, refinishing the cabinet box, getting a professional paint refinishing and putting it back together.

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Here are some things you will need that should be prepared. They are cordless drill or screwdriver, trisodium phosphate, bucket, rubber gloves, protective goggles, sponge, putty knife, spackling compound or wood filler, 120- to 220-grit sandpaper, tack cloth or rag, deglosser, painter’s tape, drop cloth, primer, paintbrushes, microfiber paint rollers, paint, paint tray and stir sticks. Do it yourself but make sure in wearing mask and gloves with open air for a fine circulation.

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