Simple Way To DIY Glazed Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

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Glazed Kitchen Cabinets Design

You can create a classic glazed kitchen cabinets by applying do it yourself ideas to make interesting focal point just on your budget. In how to glaze kitchen cabinets, there are some certain things to put in mind so that optimally better in features. Well, removing cabinet hardware such as hinges and doors is important for easier and indeed better results enjoyable. You better to have these things prepared. They are some brushes, water based or oil glaze, paint, colorants or stain, some lint-free rags and paint thinner.

Oil glaze for wooden cabinets is meant to darken the color that you can apply by combining oil stain and glaze. Mix them to be applied and wiped with the natural wood grain simultaneously. Remove all the hardware of the cabinet. Take out drawers since you can glaze easily them when they are perfectly positioned along the countertops or lined up strategically. You can add denatured alcohol to the cabinets’ wood to clean the excess glaze. Apply the glaze in adequate amounts with the natural bristle brush use. Then, efficiently wipe the glaze off by using the lint-free rags until preferred look is achieved. Make sure that you are focusing on one section only at a time.

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You better to remember about going for darker paints, stains, and other dyes than the current cabinets’ color. The acrylic glaze is going to be in creamy and clear when dry completely. Keep these in your mind the colorants will go darker while drying out.

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