Distressing Furniture And Painting Alternative

Distressing Furniture With Blue

Distressing furniture will be interesting in its design for more fascinating furniture with distressed wood you can include in your room including living room and dining room. Recently, my neighbor asked me to paint distressing furniture that had recently acquired at a thrift store. Normally, I would recommend her to attend one of our classes and learn how to paint the distressing furniture itself. However, I can honestly say, this lady has no time, either. So instead, we went through all the amazing colors, American Paint Company. He decided on Glass Beach, a beautiful turquoise color and a great choice!

Then I gave the distressing furniture a thorough cleaning with Simple Green, I started painting. American Paint Company is natural all smoke and no smell of paint or unpleasant. In addition, spills can simply be wiped with a damp cloth. After two coats of paint, I distressed the piece. Cleaning of the colored beach glass and then I highlighted some details by dry brushing with Navajo White Paint Company of America, a soft white, and produced a beautiful cabinet.

I finished the project with a clear top layer of APC, for a more durable childproof project. Lisa has surrounded their buffet with clocks, each stopped at the exact time one of their children was born. What an amazing idea and what a fun project for a mother who was most deserving!

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