Definition Of Wardrobe Armoire You Should Know

Wardrobe Armoire

Wardrobe armoire will be the interesting part must have, it helps you keeping clothes, and another personal unit to make your room look neat. Here are more ideas about it must know.

What the Word Means

A wardrobe armoire is just a standing wardrobe used to hold apparel. The statement “armoire” is basically the French word for this specific thing of furniture.

What Came Before

Prior to the wardrobes that we know, garments was put away as a general rule in wooden trunks. It wasn’t until significantly later, once relative extravagance was created with the building of castles and palaces.

Where the Name Came From

The name “wardrobe” initially alluded to a room in which a well-off individual’s dress would be kept. This different room, which regularly had the dividers secured by cupboards and standing wardrobe armoire.


While armoires arrive in a mixture of sizes now, amid their prevalence as a thing for the affluent, armoires were manufactured utilizing the standard of 8. Just expressed, the woodworker would consider the armoire substantial enough if, when it was finished, 8 little men could fit inside it.


Initially a wardrobe armoire as just an open storeroom where apparel could be hung. As styles advanced and the drawer got to be all the more generally utilized, we started to see the cutting edge plan, two unfilled territories at either side for full-length apparel and drawers down the core, turn into the standard.

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