Best Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets

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Alluring Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets

Decorating above kitchen cabinets will be the good part you should add into your kitchen to add nicer look in this area also for good storage system. Add accessories like plants, artwork and attractive containers as decorating above kitchen cabinets. Choose small plants such as daisies or dracaenas, which do not require much care pots, but will help spice up your narrow kitchen. Buy small bottles of brightly colored and labeled with elegance, such as sugar and flour, and place them on wall in a corner.

Enclose decorating above kitchen cabinets with stained glass panels that you can do yourself. First, add light on cabinets to enhance beauty of translucent colored glass panels. You can use fluorescent stripes along top of cabinet or on back of wall to a constant amount of light.

To make panels, colored glass sections cut to fit space between top of wardrobe and ceiling. Wrap panels are joined and welded seams. This simple technique creates a block diagram of color for decorating above kitchen cabinets that anyone can do. Advanced artists can create beautiful stained glass panels filled with patterns that fit decor of your kitchen. To keep panels vertically between top of cabinet and ceiling, run a strip of trim along ceiling directly above front edge of box. Panels stand on cabinets with support of high board against trim. If necessary, a thin strip of tape will hold panels in place.

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