Parisian Decor Ideas


During a recent trip to visit a friend in Paris, I was inspired by her apartment and its décor and design. She did an amazing job of creating a chic but comfortable living space for her and her husband and I brought some of the ideas home with me.

Now I want to share them with you. If you want a luxurious home with a Parisian twist, here are my ideas (stolen from my friend) …


One of the most curious yet most creative aspects of my friend’s apartment was her willingness to mix and match various styles. She was comfortable to place a modern lamp on an antique end table or decorate with a classic chandelier in a room with minimalistic and contemporary seating.


Like I said, there were several traces of modernism and contemporary flare throughout her apartment but the most prevalent form of décor were vintage items. She loves to decorate with items she finds at flea markets or used items at local boutiques. Anything fun and unique and she is likely to buy it and hang it on a wall or set it on a table.

You can do the same. Look for odd or fun finds at neighborhood garage sales. You can also find an affordable line of vintage décor from Target and their Homthreads line


For the true Parisian look in a room, you need 100% white walls. Every room in my friend’s apartment had white walls. This is partly because her apartment receives very little natural light but its common across all of Paris. This is an easy update to a room and a fresh coat of white paint is affordable too.


If the walls are white, something has to be colorful right? My friend complemented her white walls with bold rugs in each room. Her living room even had three separate rugs in it for a truly contrasting and bold touch. I loved it!


My last post discussed how to decorate with chandeliers in detail. Parisians have mastered the art of decorating with chandelier lighting in their homes and apartments. It’s the perfect element of luxury.