Decorate with Gold


You often see a metallic accent or two in couture fashion and you can incorporate that into your home décor too. Of course, I prefer gold and gold is common in couture. Gold isn’t just for Christmas time. A touch of gold here and there in a room can add an intriguing touch of shine.

Here are tips for decorating with gold:


The gold accents in a room should complement organic pieces such as floral arrangements or wood tables.

Consider a vase with a gold rim or gold specks throughout the porcelain or a wood table with a mirror on the surface and gold trim.

Just a small trace of gold is enough to add intrigue and luxury. Use gold in your home they same as you do with jewelry.

You don’t decorate yourself head to toe in gold, but instead use it to accentuate an outfit or your skin tone.

Start small and expand the presence of gold in a room if you feel inspired too. Gold will add another layer of warmth and energy to any room.


You can incorporate gold into fabric and upholstery too. A gold upholstered sitting chair would really “wow” or just a throw pillow or two used creatively on a sofa or chaise lounge. The metallic accent doesn’t have to be literally be metal. It is the shine you are looking for.


I love gold. But I love silver and bronze and matte too. You don’t have to limit yourself to just gold and in fact the gold will look even more amazing when paired with silver and bronze and other metallic accents in a room. You could use each tone for picture frames in a gallery wall or as three separate sculptures on a mantel or table.

There’s no luxury home in the world without traces of gold in its décor. Gold is a signature of luxury and couture and something you can add to any room in a variety of ways.

You can be bold or discrete but the mere presence of gold is sure to catch the eyes of all your guests and give you that luxurious look you love!