Decorate with Chandeliers


My last post provided some of my favorite types of furniture and accessories for couture and luxury décor. Today, I wanted to provide my favorite form of lighting for any room.

Of course, I’m talking about chandeliers!

There is no lighting more luxurious than a chandelier and if hung and used properly, a chandelier will be the center focal point of a room.

You can use chandeliers in dining rooms, halls, stairways, living rooms and even bedrooms and bathrooms too.

Here is how to decorate with chandeliers:


You want the diameter of the chandelier to be the total feet of the room in inches. This means, if a room is 10’x10’ you want a chandelier to have a 20-in. diameter. This is a good rule of thumb for deciding what size chandelier to purchase.


You want the chandelier to be over 4-ft. from the closest wall and to hang about 3-3.5-ft. above a dining room table or seating area in a room. You want the chandelier to be low enough that it lights the table or area but not so low it blocks lines of sight across the room.

For stairways and entry rooms, you want the chandelier to be at least 7-ft. from the floor. Don’t let the chandelier hang below the second story balcony or floor either. Raise it high enough that it hangs over both floors of the home and entrance.


The style of the chandelier can be either modern or antique. Typically, the chandelier would match the overall décor of a room but I’ve experimented with mixing modern and antique chandeliers in contrast décor and I love it, so the choice is up to you!


You want the chandelier to serve more as ambient lighting than focused or task lighting. I recommend you install dimmer switches for the chandeliers in your home. This will help provide the illumination you desire and you can adjust depending on the situation.

I hope these tips help you to decorate your home with chandeliers. You can add luxury to any room instantly with a chandelier or go bold and hang two chandeliers in a larger living space.