Couture Furniture & Decor Accessories

luxury decor

You can design a couture-inspired home and luxurious living space with the perfect furniture and décor accessories in your home. I will provide some tips on what type of furniture and accessories you should choose to decorate a room with.


The first rule for luxurious and couture-inspired furniture is for it to be oversized. This coincides with the style of the large and shapely dresses you see on a couture runway. Oversized shapes are a signature element of couture and luxury.

You also want to choose the correct materials for the furniture. The upholstery should be leather or silk or velvet and legs and armrests should be a rich wood.

The style of the furniture can be either classic or antique or modern as all represent couture fashion but it should have additional unique accessories on it. This could be embellishments or handcrafted carvings or signature accents on the furniture.


I love décor accessories! This is where you can be truly creative and create a look for your home that’s all your own.

One of the signature pieces of luxury décor is fine art. You should consider purchasing one original piece of art from a local artist if possible. Oil paintings are very luxurious and the right one will become the focal point of an entire room. This type of fine art is a wonderful conversation piece. The painting can be either classic or contemporary.

Sculptures are another way to add style to a room. I also recommend placing at least one Persian or Oriental rug in a living room or dining room. If the décor is more contemporary, than a rug with bold colors and shapes would complement nicely.

Curtains should be hung from the rod to the floor and bunch at the bottom. You don’t want the curtains and window treatments to be too short.

Lastly, be sure to incorporate flowers throughout the room if you prefer a more traditional or baroque couture ambiance. You can use large vases and lavish bouquets for color and aroma.

These are just some of my favorite ways to add luxury and couture in my interior home design. You should make your design 100% your own!