Couture Carpet

couture carpet

So far, we’ve provided tips concerning furniture and décor and the accessories and gold details that help create a couture living space. Today we are going to discuss something more foundational and that is your flooring, or specifically, carpet.

Hardwood floors are a staple of modern, contemporary and urban décor themes and are a very popular choice for flooring in recent years.

You can use hardwood floor, laminate or tile or stone in a couture theme but we would recommend strategically placing one or two eye-catching rugs throughout the room and the home. Each rug should add a totally different color or pattern to the room in this case.

However, for color throughout an entire room and patterns you and your guests will love, we recommend wall-to-wall carpet. We feel it is time for carpet to make a comeback in 2017 and beyond.


The benefits of wall-to-wall carpet is that the floor then sets the foundation for decorating the rest of the room.

You can complement a neutral tone with bold colors throughout your accessories and furniture.

You can complement bold colors or an intoxication pattern on carpet with more neutral and offsetting tones throughout the décor elements of the room.

For the most couture décor, we would recommend going with a light blue or gray tone color that features a whimsical pattern. The more traditional style of carpet you choose the more we would tend to lean toward hardwood floor so in order for carpet to make sense in a couture home you need to be bold in your pattern and color choice.

The other benefit of carpet is the comfort. Couture isn’t always synonymous with comfort but we are still talking about your home and you want to feel comfortable in your day-to-day routine and lifestyle. Carpet will cushion your step and warm your home when hardwood floor cannot.

Caring for carpet is easy too. To properly care for couture carpet, you need to vacuum two or three times each week. You will want to remove all the loose dirt and soil and visible debris from the floor before it settles deeper into the carpet.

To clean the dirt deep in carpet, you want to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. Kanchan Couture is based out of Norwalk near Long Beach, CA so we prefer to use Amazing Care Chem-Dry for carpet cleaning. One benefit of their service is their solutions are green-certified and safe for you and your home.

We know hardwood floor is the flooring of choice in recent history, but couture has made a name for itself by being a different fashion option than traditional or any trend. You can wow your guests with a beautiful and bold carpet color throughout your home.

By now, your couture living space should be coming together splendidly. You now know the types of furniture and décor to choose for a room and the type of flooring we recommend.

In our next post we will discuss another foundational element when we provide tips on how to paint a room with a couture theme.